Top 5 Best Electronic Dance Music Costumes


Top 5 Best Electronic Dance Music Costumes for 2013

1.) Sexy Fox Costume

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This is a great costume for any of the ladies who want to look sexy, be cozy, and have a sweet costume. This costume can also be a play on words with the viral video “What Does A Fox Say


2.) Neon Clothes

Going to electronic music festivals is always about having fun, wearing loud clothing, and enjoying the edm music atmosphere.  The best way to glow during the day and night is to put a little neon on.

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3.) Fishnets

Fish nets are a nice way to make those bare legs look even sexier.  These fishnets are a nice match with any colorful skirt or some bright fluffies.

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4.) Rave Shades

Rave Shades has some of the coolest styles of diffraction glasses to not only match your EDM Costume but it will enhance your EDM experience.  With single and double diffraction lens technology and over 30 colors and styles you are sure to find the right diffraction glasses that match your needs.


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5.) Group Costumes

The beauty of EDM music festivals is the amazingly positive vibes that are floating in the air.  This is a great place to meet new people and to make some new friends and what better way to break the ice then with a costume that makes people laugh from a far.  Get a group of friends together and make a footprint at the festival by having a great GROUP Costume.

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Hard Summer Day Of The Dead Lineup 2013


Hard Summer Day Of The Dead Lineup 2013

 Hard Summer Day Of The Dead Lineup 2013 hard summer day of the dead lineup 2013


Rave Shades will be joining the rest of the dead in Los Angeles Nov.2nd & 3rd for the infamous Hard Festival “Day of the Dead”.   Hard Fest has taken a twist on the old tradition of the “Dia de los Muertos” from latin america and combined it with the Electronic Music Scene giving the public only the most radical EDM show you will experience.

With sexy vampires walking around and purple dinosaurs dancing to skrillex this is a festival you do not want to miss.  Check out the highlights from last years Hard Summer Day Of The Dead.

The Hard Summer Day Of The Dead Lineup 2013 show not to miss:

  • Skillex
  • Nero
  • Boyz Noise
  • Zeds Dead
  • Deadmau5
  • Calvin Harris
  • Pretty Lights
  • Cut Copy





Corn, Glasses, and Big Gigantic


Sommerset Wisconsin was one of the most epic journeys of our lives.  It was filled with some of the most down to earth and radically awesome people on earth.  When the Rave Shades team arrived on site we began to set up for one of the most epic weekends of our life times.  The vibes at Summer Set music festival are as good as they get, the stage which really did it this year was the grove stage.  It was an epic EDM arena which took the place of the hockey rink that turned into a sauna the year before.  The magical light up pathways took you to this epic stage where some of the best EDM djs of our time were throwing down massive beats.  Make sure you get a chance to check out some of the crazy photos we uploaded throughout the weekend.

Author: Patrick Longley

So what are diffraction glasses?


Diffraction glasses or commonly reffered to as :

  • 3D Diffraction Glasses
  • Rainbow Glasses
  • Fractal Glasses
  • Kaleidoscope Glasses
  • Firework Glasses
  • Rave Glasses
  • Prism Glasses
  • Lazer Shades
  • Lightshow Glasses
  • Refractive Glasses
  • Fireworks Glasses
  • Trippy Glasses


What do diffraction glasses do?

Diffraction glasses enhance any light show or music experience by taking in light and diffracting it before it reaches your eyes to cretae a intense crystal light burst that will change the way you enjoy music festivals, concerts, raves, firewirk shows, and light shows.



What does the double diffraction look like?

Rave Shades has a wide variety of styles, colors, and lens color for our double diffraction glasses.  Feel free to check out our shop.


Author: Patrick Longley